WIPs Progress(es?)

It makes me wonder… if there are more than one WIP, would the progress should be in plural form too? To be honest English confuses me a lot, especially when it is learned properly (instead of the basic one used for daily conversation). But oh well… Let’s not let it distract me from sharing the progress I have made so far…


The first one is the crochet project I made during my trip to Edinburgh. You’d be surprised how much one can make during the train trip. The first few pieces that’s been connected looked slightly wonky, but the latter ones looked much better. Overall, I am loving this project… I think green is good for summer too, don’t you think?

And, I just realised that the other project was also green! It has gone very quickly too… before I accidentally nicked my finger with the sharp edge on the tin when opening a spam. Damn Spam… But the back and the front is done, and I am halfway on the first sleeve.


HOPEFULLY… I would be able to post more regularly again. It is nice to return to a routine…

x ❤ x

WIP Weekend

I know that lately I have been posting about knitting more often than my other project, but don’t worry… I am not going to make my cross stitch project goes UFO. This is what I did this weekend:

Not too bad for a progress.


I also finished sewing up the lacy cardigan, and it seems that it wasn’t too small for me. It was definitely a nice surprised… I don’t know whether it was because I have lost weight or because my measurement for the cardigan was correct.

I didn’t take step by step sewing any more because it is the same mattress stitch I have done for previous project. And… I forgot to take photo when I am stitching the buttons 😦 But anyway…


There you go. Please forgive the not so professional looking photo, and you can just ignore the husband in the background. He couldn’t move from his chair as he was glued to his computer game.

Right… what’s next?

x ❤ x