WIPs Progress(es?)

It makes me wonder… if there are more than one WIP, would the progress should be in plural form too? To be honest English confuses me a lot, especially when it is learned properly (instead of the basic one used for daily conversation). But oh well… Let’s not let it distract me from sharing the progress I have made so far…


The first one is the crochet project I made during my trip to Edinburgh. You’d be surprised how much one can make during the train trip. The first few pieces that’s been connected looked slightly wonky, but the latter ones looked much better. Overall, I am loving this project… I think green is good for summer too, don’t you think?

And, I just realised that the other project was also green! It has gone very quickly too… before I accidentally nicked my finger with the sharp edge on the tin when opening a spam. Damn Spam… But the back and the front is done, and I am halfway on the first sleeve.


HOPEFULLY… I would be able to post more regularly again. It is nice to return to a routine…

x ❤ x


One FO and One WIP

Yes. You know it. It is definitely a wonderful feeling when you can tell people (although they probably don’t understand what you’re talking about) that you finally have an FO. It is not only mean that I have finally broken down the crafter block, but I also… create something again. It has definitely given me a great sense of achievement. img_1657

I don’t know why I originally chose to make a Panda Hat, I just found the photos in Ravelry quite interesting and that Panda looks quite cute in a baby’s head. Given the fact I have black and white yarn in my stash that I can use to do this little experiment, I thought… why not?

Admittedly, I am quite chuffed with the result — mind you, it hasn’t been tried on, so we haven’t known yet if it would fit or not. But still, it is quite a proud moment when I see the finished project because I didn’t follow any particular pattern. Maybe… maybe in the future I could write my own pattern *gasp*.


With the hope that the sizing is correct, I started the next project — another baby hat. But this time I am going to make different animal. Let’s see how it goes…

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy Is An Amigurumi Noob

I haven’t crochet Amigurumi for a while, so I decided to make this oh so popular bear toy from amigurumitogo.com, a lovely amigurumi blog owned by a very creative lady called Sharon. 


this is what i do — sittting in front of my laptop while counting stiches


the fun part is done, now the harder bits to go

To be honest with you, making the head and body part is the best part of making amigurumi. I am not too keen on making the little details, and sewing it together. I don’t think I have much patience 😦 

it was done… but…

When it was done I was relieved but… Bloody hell, my bear looked like a mouse!! Oh well… 

This is what I expected my parents to say to me many years ago, and now I say it to my bear/mouse: “dear, I don’t care whether you want to be a mouse or a bear, you still have our support completely…” *soppy music in the background fading out*

X ❤ x