This Little Piggy is Participating…

Apparently there is something called Me Made May, to celebrate people to wear something they made for themselves in May — and share it on blogs for everybody to see.

I didn’t know things like this, and how do people know things like this? Is there an official knitting community out there making cool events every now and then that I don’t know about?

Maybe I am a bit late to participate now, but I will participate anyway. Me Made May 2017, this little piggy is participating…

x ❤ x


Weekend Push

I like weekend.

It means my husband is not working, so it means we could spend the time together. It means we could snuggle a bit longer in the morning, and ignore each other a bit longer during the day — he is busy with his computer game, and I am with my WIPs.


And, although I am currently not working, it feels like a special day for pushing the WIPs, just like other crafters who work during the weekdays.

The white cardigan grew really fast. I have to say that I enjoy making it so much. It was very easy to follow, and I can say that the wool is incredibly nice and fluffy, and very easy to work with. I have never used this brand in the past, but I will definitely use it again in the future.


It is called Happy Sheep yarn. I found it at QD — a local discount store in Norwich. It is weird though, because it does have a url address in the yarn label, but when I tried to find out more about the company from the url address, it didn’t go anywhere. I wonder… Have anyone heard about this yarn before?

Anyway… like I said, the knitting WIP grew really fast. Soon they looked like these… See? Those are two for the front, two for the sleeves, and one for the back. I know!! They look really simple!


Alright! Alright! I know… I have a lot of 4mm needles. I thought I have more than I need, but then project like this happened and I realised, nope… the more needles, the better. So next time, if anyone (read: my husband) ever tell me again in the future that I don’t need more needles, I will show him this photo as an evidence that it is not true.

Anyway… This cardigan is done in yoke. I have never done yoke before. I don’t even know how to put the word “yoke” in a sentence. Is it a noun? But blimey, it is incredibly easy to do! I wonder if I could modify the pattern, using the same method, but different eyelet/lace motif.

Lo and behold…


It does look nice isn’t it? Sewing up next, and you’d see one more FO 🙂

x<3 x


I have been a member of cross stitching groups on facebook for awhile now. At first, it was really confusing when I read the conversation about people doing HAED. I mean, I can see that they are doing a very complicated big project, but what is HAED?

After a quick research, I found out that HAED is actually an abbreviation for Heaven and Earth Design. They have a lot of wonderful patterns — big, complicated, and extremely beautiful patterns. Most of the time, I could not afford the patterns, because I don’t have a steady income that I can rely on. But, HAED has this free pattern give away, that they change every now and then. Few months ago, I found this pattern was free to download.


However, I knew it right there and then, that for a novice stitcher like myself, such project is near impossible. Big project like this one is not cheap — fabric, and thread will cost me a fortune.

But I really want to try to do them. So, when I was at the craft store in Indonesia, I bought a very cheap aida — 18ct, around £2 for 3 metres of the fabric. It would save so much money if I want to do a big project as so far the cheapest aida I could find online was this one from Amazon.
I also tried to find the best way to reduce the cost of the embroidery floss. I mean, for 89 colours, even with 50p a skein floss, it is still going to hurt my bank account. So I have to be slightly crafty and do my research. And I found this on Amazon (what a lovely place to shop).

This is, I think, made in China, and was very cheap replacement for DMC. The code number for this thread (it is not branded, so I am not sure what to call this), corresponds with DMC so you can use it interchangeably. Although I agree that they have different quality if you compare them side by side, I have to say that I can’t really see the difference when it is in a project.

But then again, I am a novice stitcher.


I was quite dubious when the first time I looked at this product, but after I read the review, I though I could give it a try. I mean, even if it doesn’t work for this pattern, I might use it for other projects. And… I did. I used it for that other project — wedding gift for my sister, and the last project — flowers in the vase. So, I know that the threads are fine.

Now it is just about determination. Would I be able to make my first HAED? Well well… let’s see…

Have anyone of you do any HAED projects?

x ❤ x

Done… and Done!

I wish I could say that about my visa paperwork. Those pesky papers! It is impossible to have my weekend, sit comfortable in front of telly, watching Bake Off reruns, and stitch… or knit. However, we shouldn’t let those paper wins, should we? I mean… A girl have to do what a girl have to do…

And for that determination, I am proud to say that it has paid off. I managed to finish two… yes, my dear fellow bloggers… TWO finished this week.


The first one is the cross stitch project. I really like it. I am thinking of making a little coin purse, or small cosmetic purse that I can carry inside my handbag. Maybe if I line it with some stiff fabric?

The second one is the baby cardigan. The border is crocheted. I am glad I can both knit and crochet, because this pattern requires both. I was a little bit dubious about the picot border when I started the border, but as I continue it actually looks okay.



The pattern came with the flower accessories, but I removed it as I don’t like it. I will offer it to my sister though, if she would like some accessories for it, I would make a crocheted or knitted flower as a broach.

Now now… what’s next?

Busy Week…

I am expecting a very busy week this week…

First of all, Christmas is coming. I have been trying several recipes for cakes and biscuits that I could make as gifts for friends, and my husband’s colleagues.


But my busy-ness is mostly caused by the visa application. It is getting closer and closer to the date. I have to start preparing the documents, printing the important form, and get everything done before booking an appointment in London — hopefully in the end of this month, or the beginning of next month at the latest.

I still managed to spare my time to get my stitching going though. I just didn’t have time to post it every day.

I have to say that these WIPs are actually what keeps me cool. It is definitely therapeutic. And — looking at the photo– it is also satisfying to see the progress. I am just not sure what I can do with these projects.


Some people frame them and hang them in the house, but my house is not big enough for all these decorations. I am not a big fan of cushions either. Maybe I have to learn how to sew to convert these projects to something cute and useful like a purse for example…

Come to think about it… Maybe 2017 is the time for me to start learning how to sew…

x ❤ x

Is It Just Me?

Or has anyone experienced this creepy moment, realising that time has gone without realising it?

All I did was stitching…


Started with this in the morning…

You know, those time when you pick up your WIP, sit, and stitch while having the telly on in the background. Some moment later I realised that my husband is no longer sitting in front of his computer, playing computer game like usual, and look at the time.


How did it happen?


And suddenly you have this… at midnight…

Creepy isn’t it? And that happens to me so often, I think I need to see a doctor to talk about this time lapsing incidents 😮

x ❤ x

Cross Stitch WIP <3

My sister in law came for a visit few days ago. Always love her visit because she will update me with everything, including her WIPs. I kind of miss having a Monday natter with her. Maybe I have to ask her if she is still up to do some craftmaking over a cuppa — or hundreds of cuppa in our case.

I showed her what I have done with the blanket, just to see if she is okay with how I do it — using the leftover green yarn from the frayed bit.


And, she said it is good enough. Now, all i need to do is to get the yarn so I can finish this. Hopefully tomorrow would be sunny and slightly warmer than today, so my headache would go — so I could go out and yarn hunting. Excited!

My SIL said something that I thought as a brilliant idea.

Remember when I injured my wrists and I had to stop doing what I was doing for a while? SIL mentioned about rotating WIPs every week, so we can reduce the repetitiveness of the movement. For example, having crochet project in this week, and cross stitch project or knitting project the next week.

I think it is brilliant! I mean, I usually stick to one WIP at a time, but stopped when I get bored with the WIP — then the WIP would end up as a UFO. But the idea of rotating the WIP is great. I could do a bit of crochet, and a bit of cross stitch.

In fact… I have done a bit.


Let’s see if this works 😀