The Importance of Milestones

I think I should have put a question mark on that incomplete sentence… But do you think it is important to mark a milestones? For example… Apparently, my last entry here was my 200th post. But I was completely oblivious to it, as for me writing is writing and I was just enjoying this while sharing things that I like. I mean, 100th post seemed quite cool at the time, but 200th doesn’t really feel as it has the same kind of importance. Maybe when I reached 500th or 1000th posts it would be worth a celebration? Maybe…?

Or, anniversaries. My husband and I don’t really celebrate that. Sometimes we thought of going on a nicer dinner together, but sometimes we just sit in our lounge — with him playing his computer game, and me knitting, or crocheting, or whatever please me at that time. Maybe when we reached 10 years, or 20 years, then it would feel worth a celebration? I don’t know. But it seems like unimportant for now…

But anyway…


WIP… I think it is more interesting than my random mood of the day. WIP is doing well for now. I felt orange and blue don’t really mix, but apparently for some people it looks cute. I am making this for one of my in-laws.

Their family are really kind to mine, and flooded our house with gifts for my niece. So I think it is only proper if I make something that their baby loves too. And their baby loves Pororo. I don’t know if you have heard about Pororo. It’s basically a penguin in a blue and orange jacket. So, I thought… blue and orange jacket for the baby then…

Talking about jacket, I’ve been thinking of making a matching jacket for me and DH. It is a bit cold in here…

I know it is still summer, but my fingers and toes are freezing. Am I the only one feeling cold here? Am I a little bit under the weather and not knowing it, or something? Because it seems nobody was complaining about the summer being cold, and I am the only one feeling the chill… Am I being picked on by Mother Nature? *gasp*

x ❤ x


Do You Block Hats?

It might sound like a stupid question, but do you block your knitted hats?

The hats I’ve been making finished really quickly. I quite enjoyed doing the fair isle Panda for the hat, I think they are quite cute. I know I still need to practice more to make sure that the hat wouldn’t skew too much.


Usually blocking helps with the shape, but I never knew how to block hats.

Because of its shape it doesn’t do flat properly, so I don’t know if it is even blockable. Do I need a dummy head to do this? Or people generally don’t block hats?

Anyway… I have to finished hats today, and they are for couples. I was thinking it might be cuter with pompom, but I am not sure if everybody likes pompom. So, I leave it at that.


Next one?

Well, Mum asked me if I could make something for my niece for her first Chinese New Year — since I will go back to Indonesia for Chinese New Year. She likes it to be red, or any shades of red or pink. I told mum, I will look at patterns and good soft yarn for babies.

Next WIP sorted 😀

x ❤ x

A Gentle Reminder Why I Do Crafts….

It’s been very anxious lately as my visa expiration is getting closer and closer. I don’t understand why, but unlike the last visa application, it seems like it is way more stressful than it was before — the first time I did this.

I am not sure why though… I thought for awhile is it because of the changing of the political situation in the UK? Is it because of the several unpleasant experiences I had? Or because of scary news where people were sent back against their will? To be honest, I might be fine going back to Indonesia… my family is there. I just feel guilty that I have to drag my husband — who doesn’t speak a word in Indonesian, to Indonesia.


So in between doing the documents and feeling like crap because of it, I sit down, stitching or crocheting or knitting, and suddenly the world gets much much better.

It is incredibly therapeutic.

It reminds me why I do this. It is a wonderful distraction for when things are so tense and stressful. I can direct my energy to creative process than to worrying about stuff that I can’t do anything about.


Oh by the way… do any of you have ever sent anything to Europe? I have a pair of cute slippers to be sent now…

*) the other pair are for my beloved niece 😀

Talking about creative process… This pattern is incredibly easy, and it actually taunted me to modify it. I mean… I’ve been thinking of different kind of slippers. So I make this:


Guess what animal would it be?

x ❤ x

Meeting The Niece

I am here! And I finally met my newborn niece.

She is now 3 weeks old already and was probably one of the cutest things I have seen in my entire life. I cannot remember the last time I saw my parents were so ready to burst with happiness. This time, my parents’s house is just a happy house.


I brought the hats I made for her last month, and unfortunately for now they’re still a bit too big for her tiny head. The shoes I made much earlier were also too big for now, because she has a pair of tiny feet — complete with little toes (those are so cute by the way). I say tiny, but most people I talked to told me that she is actually a good size for a newborn baby, a good and healthy size. Proud Auntie moment now…

img_1707-1 My dad in particular loves the ducky hat, and found that bright yellow works well with this girl’s cheeky personality. However, when I saw her, she was asleep most of the time — is that what baby does?



The baby cardigan, by the way fits really well. I worried that it would be too small, because it was so small when I finished the piece, but nope… She wore it the first time she went out with us for a nice dinner at a restaurant. And I can proudly tell you that she did behave really really well when we took her out…

Ah… what a great feeling…

x ❤ x


PS. Sorry that I need to censor her face, it’s just me being an over protective Aunt 😦

Crochet And Travel

I have knitted in flight before. However, since I don’t usually do small knitting projects, I found knitting while flying is a little bit fiddly. Using circular needles definitely helps, but still…


View from above could be pretty, but 12 hours can be a bit boring without something to do at hand…

Crochet though… is much easier to do when flying. It doesn’t take as much space, and somehow I feel it doesn’t need larger moving space either. I took a shawl project when I went on holiday to Turkey, and it was alright, and now I bring my Midwife Blanket to Indonesia. 

The yarn caddy was extremely helpful. I do pull the yarn from the middle of the skein though, I have never tried to use these kind of caddy while pulling the yarn from the ouside of the skein. SO, I don’t know if it could work that way. The holder makes sure that the yarn would not move about or roll over somewhere and make a lot of tangly mess.


look how small and un-threatening the scissors are…

And… mini folding scissors. Sharp objects are most of the time prohibited in flight. I know that. But it is difficult to cut an acrylic yarn, especially for someone who don’t like to use teeth for everything that needs cutting like me. So I bought this really tiny folding scissors from Amazon, and attach it to my keychain, so it is on the plain sight all the time — to make sure I wasn’t trying to disguise it or something.

It passed the check. I could bring it, and boy how it has made life so much easier.

The progress so far…


In the waiting room, waiting for the next flight…

x ❤ x

One Little Ducky

Modifying the hat to make a completely different hat is not as difficult as I thought it would be. Maybe because I have done some amigurumis in the past, so it might be helpful to know the basic crochet technique to make half a sphere shape.


Making the beak, however is a complete try and error process. While I used treble crochet to do the hat, I used double crochet (UK term) for the beak. I found it easier to shape, and I also found it sturdier with DC, I need it to be sturdy, because the beak would serve as the hat’s brim too.

I made two of them with the lower part of the beak to be slightly smaller to imitate real beak, and I think it does look alright.


I wasn’t really sure how I would like to do the eyes. I mean, I have seen some projects on ravelry to get inspiration, but I really didn’t want to use buttons nor safety eyes, because it would be slightly uncomfortable to wear. And it could be slightly dangerous too, just in case it got loose and got eaten by the baby.

So I decided to go back to basic, and made crocheted two circles using black yarn. I did try to use it together with white yarn to make them look more like an eye, but DH said just the black would give more cute effect. So I did what he suggested.



Let’s hope it fits…

x ❤ x


Catching A Crocheting Bug :D

Finally I have got a WIP.

The realisation of being an aunt has suddenly given me that feeling of… aunt-hood. If that makes sense? I just wanted to make something for the  niece I have never met. I have seen the photos though, and she is one adorable thing.

I found this cute little hat pattern for newborn from ravelry, but after I followed the link the pattern was made for worsted weight or aran yarn. I don’t have that particular yarn, especially not in that colour.

I mean…


I cannot make a panda with pink yarn, can I?

So, I tweaked it, and made my own basic hat pattern so I can use baby/ DK weight yarn (which I have in abundance in our home), and I am happy to say that it has turned out alright.

Now I am not sure how big a newborn baby head is, but I managed to make around 42cm in head circumference. I hope it fits… We can only see if it does in a week.


Gosh… a week?

x ❤ x