Did I Say FO?

I did, did I?

I genuinely think that once the main bit is done, I could claim FO. But that’s never the case with granny squares, or in this particular one, granny triangles. Crocheting and joining the motifs is just HALF the work — the easy half.


I always forget about this bit…

Yes. Tidying up and at the same time, securing them to make sure that it won’t just unravel itself when being worn, or washed. I… hate this stage of this project.

It is going to be a boring work, I better scour Ravelry to get a new project to do on the side… Pff….

x ❤ x

WIPs Progress(es?)

It makes me wonder… if there are more than one WIP, would the progress should be in plural form too? To be honest English confuses me a lot, especially when it is learned properly (instead of the basic one used for daily conversation). But oh well… Let’s not let it distract me from sharing the progress I have made so far…


The first one is the crochet project I made during my trip to Edinburgh. You’d be surprised how much one can make during the train trip. The first few pieces that’s been connected looked slightly wonky, but the latter ones looked much better. Overall, I am loving this project… I think green is good for summer too, don’t you think?

And, I just realised that the other project was also green! It has gone very quickly too… before I accidentally nicked my finger with the sharp edge on the tin when opening a spam. Damn Spam… But the back and the front is done, and I am halfway on the first sleeve.


HOPEFULLY… I would be able to post more regularly again. It is nice to return to a routine…

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy (And Hubby) Went To The Seaside

Woop woop…

Guess who went to Cromer today? 


yes we are going to the coast this summer!!

Hubby is having two weeks holiday, but he has spent the first week recuperating. So last night I asked him if he wanted to go to the sea, he agreed. 

Luckily Cromer and Sheringham is only over an hour away from Norwich. It means we don’t really need to carefully plan and book everything becauae we could just have a day out. 


walking along the beach and admiring the beach huts. why don’t we have more colour like this in the city?

Since it’s Monday, it was not as packed as we expected. It was a perfect day – it was sunny and a bit of light cloud, the wind was quite strong but was warm. Not too many children, but enough puppies around for me to oogle at.

I was having a great day although we lost the whole £1.60 on the coin pusher in the arcade.


miserable girl, £1.60 poorer after gambling all the donut money on coin pusher. luckily I could crochet my own shrug. at least i am not going home buttnaked.

Oh well. 

We had fun. 

Happy summer holiday everybody.

x ❤ x