Pancake Day!

Alright. I have been in the UK for over 2 years now, but yesterday was my first ever pancake day.

I always missed it in the past, but yesterday… I did it!

Pancake in the UK is different from American pancake. This pancake is thin, and the batter is quite runny, like crepes. It is very easy to make, with very simple ingredients… yet incredibly tasty.

Especially when you eat it the traditional way (my husband taught me how to do it “properly”): squeeze the lemon, and sprinkle some sugar on it. YUM!


However yesterday evening my husband had his overtime, so he went home a little bit later than usual. That’s why I had time to make even more pancakes… so I made mille crepe.

I made one few years ago before we had this current oven hob. In fact, it was my first ever cake made for my husband’s birthday (I didn’t know how to bake back then). But the cake was too rich for him at that time, so I made less layer, and used different filling for it too…


Ah anyway…

I still have some of them left… Guess what I am having for lunch?

x ❤ x


How About WIP?

Yes 😦 I guess you realised how much I have been trying not to talk about the WIPs. I have to admit that it has been an embarrassingly slow progress with the knitting WIP. I am still on the same cardigan I am trying to make for my sister.

I did bring this project to Indonesia. But I was too busy playing with my little niece, and eating all those nice food, so I kind of neglected the project altogether when I was there.

img_28701 img_28691

On the bright side, the jacket and the dress I made for my niece fits 😀 She wore the pink one for CNY, and the white one for her baptism ceremony. Out of curiosity, is there any difference between baptism and christening?

The knitting WIP itself, is so far has reached the sleeves bit. One of them. While the body parts are waiting, dangling in the stitch holders.


The other WIP, as in the cross stitch WIP. I think it is borderline UFO now 😦 I am trying to get back to it soon, but I need more time 😦 Wish me luck guys…

x ❤ x

The Flight…

I’ve flown hundreds of times. Probably thousands. I can’t say that I am a seasoned traveller, but I travel often and so far… travelling was easy. But this last trip to Indonesia was horrible. It is borderline traumatic, and I can understand why this kind of experience could make some people giving up travelling altogether.

It started with the day I left the UK. My husband took me to Norwich airport just in time when I received this:


When I asked the officer in the check in counter, she told me that she is going to rebook me a flight — she hinted that the next flight from Norwich might be full, as few flights before have been cancelled as well. That’s not good enough, because I have a domestic flight in Indonesia — and that’s what I informed the lady in the counter.

Long story short, I caught a direct flight from London to Jakarta few hours later. KLM paid for the taxi that took me there. Good enough, it was just tiring.

Then I got a bit of problem entering Malaysia when I went there to visit my friend. Apparently my passport’s quality is so poor that scanner couldn’t pick the barcode. The Malaysian immigration officer told me that many passports made in the Embassies has this problem.

Not a big deal, really… But I don’t like being sent to a special room, waiting for my passport being investigated.

Anyway… This holiday in Malaysia was awesome. Like Indonesia, Malaysia has an interesting and rich culinary culture. Going there with a local is definitely an advantage, because I could get to eateries where only locals would know about. But I will talk about Malaysia a bit later.


The last part of the trip is this flight back to Norwich. I received THIS, when I was waiting for transfer in Amsterdam.

Wait… Okay, I have to say that it is funny. It is annoying, and it is tiring, but the text was definitely funny. However, I could not just laugh out loud in front of a bunch of angry people. That is not cool.

KLM got me rebooked again, and it is fine. I mean, if the problem is the weather, then there was not much the airlines could do. But I have to say that I don’t like the other airport I was sent to. I am talking about the immigration gate.


I know… I know that they need to be extra careful for some reasons. I can understand if they need to be more thorough with everything. BUT, I don’t think that they need to be intimidating and rude too. The immigration and security officers in Norwich are far more humane, and polite, and kind. They do their job without having to humiliate people.

You know what? I can understand every single words they’re talking behind the immigration gates. When they giggled and mumbled about “so many immigrants”. Oh yes we do speak English, and some of us even speak English better than they do. The officers in Norwich never did this. They might talk about us, but at least they have the decency and professionalism not to let us hear it.

Anyway, that immigration bit is the worst part of the journey. The bus ride home was bearable, although I did want to go to the loo, but the bus toilet was out of order 😦 See? Holding my wee for 3 hours was more bearable than the 5 minutes in that immigration gate. That’s how traumatic it was.

I am glad I am home though…

x ❤ x

Last FO Of The Year

I really can’t believe that it is that time of the year again. I am glad though, that I can squeeze in one more FO before the end of the year.


After I finished this project, I have to say that I quite like the result. I haven’t attached the button, but I think mum would like to pick her own button later. I still believe it would look better in a brighter colour, but… oh well…

I will definitely get some photo of her wearing it, but unfortunately it would have to wait until I see her again when I go to Indonesia for the next visit.


Just in case anyone would love to see some photos I took from my Christmas visit to Wales. Here are some pictures of my in laws small holding.


I have to say that the place was so beautiful both when it was sunny, and when it was frosty. My husband and I have been talking about the possibility of us to move over there. First, it would be nice to live in a countryside. And, second, it would be wonderful if we could live near the in laws, as they have got older, and it would be easier to keep an eye on them if we live nearby.

Who knows I would be able to have my own sheep, and produce my own wool?


or some mohair, or alpaca, or angora…

Oh well, that’s an idea to think about, isn’t it?


I might not have time to post anything until next year (which is only a couple of days from now), so I would like to wish you all a festive and joyous New Year, and a wonderful adventure for the year ahead.

See you soon.


x ❤ x


[Arguably] The Greatest (early) Christmas Gift (so far)…

Lol… Sorry… I was pushing it, but I just couldn’t help it. I am so overjoyed with the new development in our family, so I have to share it to everybody. I mean, I promised to update it in my blog anyway, but even if I didn’t I still would update you guys…

Yes, it is about the visa.

I have granted the visa extension, and it feels as if the whole gloomy black cloud has disappeared from our home. I felt much happier, my husband too, and considering how close it is to Christmas I do feel like Christmas is coming a week earlier than it should. I took this as the best Christmas gift the Immigration Office can ever give to me.

I booked an appointment at Croydon, as I used the Premium Service. It was much more expensive than the standard service, but having to be able to get the result in a day is really worth it. We did have a little chat with the officers and they admitted that during or close to Christmas time like this, the standard service could take up to 4 months. My husband’s facial expression says it all…

The last time we did this, it only took around one to one and half hour to get the result. But it was in June, and we took the earliest appointment slot, so the process was understandably faster. This time, the result came after 5 hours of waiting… 5 hours! If I knew it would take that long, I would have brought my knitting, wouldn’t I? Noted for the next time.


Talking about the knitting… it took longer than I thought it would be. After working with baby clothes, it feels like forever just to finish 6 cm of ribbing in an adult size clothing. Am I the only one that doesn’t like making 2k2p ribbing?

The lace bit… meh… I don’t really care about it. It looked much better in the photo I saw on Ravelry, but it doesn’t look interesting at all in mine. I tried to convince myself that it would look better after blocking. Hopefully..


Anyway… There you go. A good week indeed, seems like I could enjoy the rest of this year smiling 😀

x ❤ x


Weekend Push

I like weekend.

It means my husband is not working, so it means we could spend the time together. It means we could snuggle a bit longer in the morning, and ignore each other a bit longer during the day — he is busy with his computer game, and I am with my WIPs.


And, although I am currently not working, it feels like a special day for pushing the WIPs, just like other crafters who work during the weekdays.

The white cardigan grew really fast. I have to say that I enjoy making it so much. It was very easy to follow, and I can say that the wool is incredibly nice and fluffy, and very easy to work with. I have never used this brand in the past, but I will definitely use it again in the future.


It is called Happy Sheep yarn. I found it at QD — a local discount store in Norwich. It is weird though, because it does have a url address in the yarn label, but when I tried to find out more about the company from the url address, it didn’t go anywhere. I wonder… Have anyone heard about this yarn before?

Anyway… like I said, the knitting WIP grew really fast. Soon they looked like these… See? Those are two for the front, two for the sleeves, and one for the back. I know!! They look really simple!


Alright! Alright! I know… I have a lot of 4mm needles. I thought I have more than I need, but then project like this happened and I realised, nope… the more needles, the better. So next time, if anyone (read: my husband) ever tell me again in the future that I don’t need more needles, I will show him this photo as an evidence that it is not true.

Anyway… This cardigan is done in yoke. I have never done yoke before. I don’t even know how to put the word “yoke” in a sentence. Is it a noun? But blimey, it is incredibly easy to do! I wonder if I could modify the pattern, using the same method, but different eyelet/lace motif.

Lo and behold…


It does look nice isn’t it? Sewing up next, and you’d see one more FO 🙂

x<3 x

Is It Just Me?

Or has anyone experienced this creepy moment, realising that time has gone without realising it?

All I did was stitching…


Started with this in the morning…

You know, those time when you pick up your WIP, sit, and stitch while having the telly on in the background. Some moment later I realised that my husband is no longer sitting in front of his computer, playing computer game like usual, and look at the time.


How did it happen?


And suddenly you have this… at midnight…

Creepy isn’t it? And that happens to me so often, I think I need to see a doctor to talk about this time lapsing incidents 😮

x ❤ x