WIP Again…

I am quite happy with the progress with this project. It is going slow, but of course I don’t mind starting slow with this as long as I will finish this in the end.

I did this project before for my niece, but it was in white because I made it for her baptism/christening thing. I am proud to say that she has worn the jacket again several time after that and still loving it.

This time it is for some family friend 🙂 It is surprising that even though this is my second time making this pattern, it is still as enjoyable as the first time I did it. I wonder if next time I make it again, I could change the lace pattern in it? Something to think about while finishing this project 🙂

x ❤ x

Out of Love

I am not sure whether it is the pattern, or the yarn… or just the weather. But I couldn’t find my knitting bugs anywhere the past couple months. It is so difficult to pick up those needles, and doing what I always did… knit something pretty and actually enjoying it.

The last project… I fell out of love with it. The finished front piece looked awkward, and seems too short for my liking. I didn’t enjoy the so called challenge as much as I thought I would do, and I don’t find it challenging at all.

I thought, if I am not going to wear it anyway, and I know that none of my sisters would want it… why bother making it at all? So… yeah. The project is now a UFO. I am planning on unravelling it later, and possibly reuse the yarn for something that I enjoy making.

That being said… I’ve started a new project. Hopefully this one will pick up better, and that I will find my knitting bugs again. I really do miss sitting, watching BBC news while knitting a nice stuff.

And I do miss writing, and sharing stuff in here too.

So, hopefully spring will bring better mood both for knitting and writing. And i will see you soon.

x ❤ x

Bind off… Sewing… Finally…

Oh My Goodness…

Finally the last piece of the cardigan is done. Last binding off, and then I can move on to sewing this thing together.


I learned something new too 🙂 Three needles bind off! Yes, believe it or not, I have never tried to do this kind of thing before. I watched the tutorial on youtube and it was dead easy. I don’t know why I always tried to avoid this thing before… maybe because of the leaving the pieces on stitch holders.

It is very easy, and the end result is very neat too. It doesn’t look or feel bulky once it’s done, but I still think that mattress stitch is my favourite for finishing up. It does look seamless and neat, although the downside is… it took longer time, and it needs more focus when doing it.

Anyway… Almost done! Hopefully next week I will have moved on to the new WIP.

x ❤ x

Relationship Goal

It was my wedding anniversary! Again! Just like last year…

It wasn’t how I imagined, or wanted it to be though. The food didn’t come out right. I was not feeling well… And, hubby was incredibly grumpy because of work related issues.

Not that I wanted a lavish celebration or something like that. We are not used to celebrating things anyway. But I was thinking of making something for us yesterday. DIdn’t happen. Oh well…

But at least one thing came out okay:


Mickey and Minnie gingerbread biscuit…

PS. Do you know that Mickey and Minnie have been together since 1930’s? Well that’s your new relationship goal, isn’t it?

x ❤ x

Pancake Day!

Alright. I have been in the UK for over 2 years now, but yesterday was my first ever pancake day.

I always missed it in the past, but yesterday… I did it!

Pancake in the UK is different from American pancake. This pancake is thin, and the batter is quite runny, like crepes. It is very easy to make, with very simple ingredients… yet incredibly tasty.

Especially when you eat it the traditional way (my husband taught me how to do it “properly”): squeeze the lemon, and sprinkle some sugar on it. YUM!


However yesterday evening my husband had his overtime, so he went home a little bit later than usual. That’s why I had time to make even more pancakes… so I made mille crepe.

I made one few years ago before we had this current oven hob. In fact, it was my first ever cake made for my husband’s birthday (I didn’t know how to bake back then). But the cake was too rich for him at that time, so I made less layer, and used different filling for it too…


Ah anyway…

I still have some of them left… Guess what I am having for lunch?

x ❤ x

It Means… Food!

Horrible flight, finally arrived at my hometown. Mum set up a small welcome celebration… It means FOOD!

img_2520 img_2475

Going to visit my friend in Malaysia, and at the same time having a long awaited holiday there. She thought it would be a wonderful idea to introduce me to the local culture. It means… FOOD!!

img_2590 img_2596 img_2654 img_2593

Coming home from Malaysia with a feverish cold, and my aunt thinks the only way to get me recovered from this is by giving me a good nutrition. It means… FOOD!!


Chinese New Year is coming. And in the CNY Eve, the whole family gathered in my aunt’s home. We had fun and celebration. It means… MORE FOOD!!


The next day, the CNY day… gave red envelopes to little nieces and nephews. More people coming, and now wishing each other health, happiness, and abundance. I know what is abundant… FOOD!!


Seriously, I haven’t gone to see my scale now. I don’t dare to look at the current number lol. But meh… who cares? Not me. Not now.

x ❤ x

That One Thing About Stockinette Stitch…

This new WIP is basically a very simple cardigan with stockinette (or stocking) stitch. I like stockinette stitch, because it is something that I could do while watching telly. You don’t need to keep looking at your work, as you do not need to keep counting stitches to keep a lace or cable pattern.


But that’s also the problem with stockinette stitch. As it could be quite mindless, it could get a bit boring before the shaping (neck or sleeves) needs to be done. And, I have to say, that I am on that bit of the project now…

Oh well…

But… looking at the positive side. The wool is very very soft. And since it is a 4ply instead of a DK –that I usually use, it is also much lighter and I think it would be mor suitable for my sister in Indonesia where it is much warmer than here in the UK.


I bought the wool when they were on sale on my local Hobbycraft. They were £10 for 10 balls — which I think is a huge bargain, especially for this brand and quality. But it was about two years ago, I wonder if they would do it again this year?

So much for new year wish?