That is not the word you want to hear coming from your own mouth (especially) when you were in the middle of the WIP… It usually means that you either have to frog everything and start over, or you have to think how to wing it…

Now, before I admit what the potential disaster is, I would like to explain what’s going on about this crochet WIP.


In the pattern, the individual triangles should have 9.5 cm length in every side, and 8 cm tall from the tip to the base. I know how important it is to make a swatch, especially when the pattern relies on the number of triangles you made — instead of the length of the piece as you knit it. So, I did measure the triangle, twice, and I even adjusted the size of the hook to achieve the correct size.

You know you’re going to hear a but, don’t you? Yes… BUT, I think the pattern did not take the shrinkage of the length caused by the joining of the triangles as you go.

You see? When you were joining the triangles as you go, by making a slip stitch into the chain space of the main piece, you inadvertently pinched a very small bit of the edge. I don’t know if this happens to other crocheter, but when I do this, it will take some milimetre worth of the edge… times twenty triangles.


That’s the problem. In the end, after they’re joined in the round, I realised that the shrinkage on each triangle is then accumulated into a good inch and a half in circumference. I tried it on and it is still loose in my waist and chest so it might fit. I also count on the size after blocking, but I shouldn’t be too confidence that it will be anywhere closer to the size suggested in the pattern.

Yeah… a big whoopsie there ūüė¶ But I think I am going to go through with the WIP, and see…

x ‚̧ x


This Little Piggy… That Little Piggy…


parts to be assembled…

Crocheting parts took a lot of patience. And I am not known for my patience. But after some times parts were made and ready to be assembled.


i can’t help thinking of a pig with a head wound

Assembling piggy parts was no less fiddly either. Even, sometimes it could look a little bit creepy. It was as if I was building a Frankenstein piggy. That doesn’t sound pretty, does it?


this little piggy was asleep


this little piggy was in a murder scene…


this little piggy was amused


and this little piggy was not…

But tell you what? Crocheting them was obviously worthwile. I have four more cute little piggies in the house. The more the merrier… I suppose?

Well, I have planned on giving them away to some family and friends later when I go back to Indonesia. But for now, they can sit back and enjoy their time together with their predecessor.

these little piggies were having fun…


This Little Piggy Is An Amigurumi Noob

I haven’t crochet Amigurumi for a while, so I decided to make this oh so popular bear toy from amigurumitogo.com, a lovely amigurumi blog owned by a very creative lady called Sharon. 


this is what i do — sittting in front of my laptop while counting stiches


the fun part is done, now the harder bits to go

To be honest with you, making the head and body part is the best part of making amigurumi. I am not too keen on making the little details, and sewing it together. I don’t think I have much patience ūüė¶ 

it was done… but…

When it was done I was relieved but… Bloody hell, my bear looked like a mouse!! Oh well… 

This is what I expected my parents to say to me many years ago, and now I say it to my bear/mouse: “dear, I don’t care whether you want to be a mouse or a bear, you still have our support completely…” *soppy music in the background fading out*

X ‚̧ x  

And This Little Piggy…

It started with one morning.

It was a typical British Thursday¬†morning. Slightly cloudy, slightly windy, with a hint of drizzle that stubbornly refused to fall from the sky. My husband had gone to work, and I was sitting on the sofa, staring at the telly that was turned off. We haven’t watched telly for about half a year now since our Freeview Box
went bust.

My mobile beeped. Usually it was my husband letting me know that he has arrived at work. But at that time, it was my facebook notification. Someone commented on one of my photo album. I smiled a little, knowing that it came from one my crafty pictures.

I have been doing knitting¬†and crocheting¬†for years now. My mother taught me the very basic of crocheting, and it stuck with me until now. That’s probably why I hold my crochet hook slightly different from many youtube tutorial videos I have seen. Knitting, in the other hand, was not really popular in Indonesia. I assume that knitwear is not really a suitable attire in my birth country. My mother does not know how to knit, so I took a knitting course, and fell in love with it right away.

I like to keep my hands busy.

But I haven’t been busy for awhile, and I was really bored in that grey Thursday¬†morning… which was slowly crawling to a greyer Thursday¬†afternoon. And then in popped in my facebook– a tutorial of a teddy bear amigurumi making. I did not know who the creator was, but apparently she was incredibly popular among amigurumi amateurs. So I thought… I could make one.

Although I have at least ten years of crocheting experiences with me, I have never tried amigurumi before. I have to admit that I was a little bit conventional and old style. I am still trying to update myself with my skills, but it surely will take time.


Taken from my Instagram

Anyway… I decided to make a piggy, as suddenly I had the Little Piggy nursery rhymes stuck in my head. That was the result of my boredom, and I showed it (off) to my husband when he came home that evening. He thought it looked professionally made, and that my little piggy looked so cute.

So I thought, I could beat my boredom. I could do this again. So, I decided to make a blog about my struggle fighting boredom by making things. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Note: the little piggy amigurumi was taken from¬†http://www.amigurumitogo.com/2014/06/pig-pattern.html. I obviously changed quite a lot from the original pattern, but it would not look this cute without Sharon’s basic pattern.