It Means… Food!

Horrible flight, finally arrived at my hometown. Mum set up a small welcome celebration… It means FOOD!

img_2520 img_2475

Going to visit my friend in Malaysia, and at the same time having a long awaited holiday there. She thought it would be a wonderful idea to introduce me to the local culture. It means… FOOD!!

img_2590 img_2596 img_2654 img_2593

Coming home from Malaysia with a feverish cold, and my aunt thinks the only way to get me recovered from this is by giving me a good nutrition. It means… FOOD!!


Chinese New Year is coming. And in the CNY Eve, the whole family gathered in my aunt’s home. We had fun and celebration. It means… MORE FOOD!!


The next day, the CNY day… gave red envelopes to little nieces and nephews. More people coming, and now wishing each other health, happiness, and abundance. I know what is abundant… FOOD!!


Seriously, I haven’t gone to see my scale now. I don’t dare to look at the current number lol. But meh… who cares? Not me. Not now.

x ❤ x


This Little Piggy Wishes You A Happy New Year

Yes yes yes…

I am sorry for being so late, but it was quite a busy time of the year. I know it is not an excuse, but it’s not everyday that my husband could get a long holiday, so I would like to spend the most of it. I will make up for it later, but now…

I would like to wish everybody a happy new year. I hope you had a great celebration, and a wonderful year ahead.

May next year bring us more and more knitting and crocheting inspiration, delicious new recipes to try, interesting hard to put down books to read, and incredible mind boggling movies to watch. May next year means more places to visit, more friends to meet, and a great adventure to go on.


May next year brings us more bears and more Cumberbatch…

Frohes Neues Jahr…