One Last Spurt…

Anyway… Last weekend was really stressful as it is getting closer and closer to the appointment for my visa application. I think it is helpful to have something to do during the weekend. Much better than letting the mind wander to somewhere murky and scary. Pink*)… is how you do it…


I finished the main part quite easily. Like I said, with st st, it is hard to screw up. The difficult part is the crochet bit. I had to frog 3-4 times before getting it right.

First mistake I made was the stitches to pick. The pattern said that I had to pick the stitches from the back (wrong side), and I was not used to do it so it was really slow first attempt. Then, it is about finding the correct tension as crochet and knitting has different gauge. In the end I found out that picking two for every three rows with smaller hook is the best way to get it right.

Now… there you go…


I don’t have buttons yet. I will let my mum choose it later. Mum has her own garment factory in Indonesia, so she has better and larger selection of buttons than I do. She could do it better than me. So… I am done with this for now 🙂

x ❤ x

*)PS. I love doing this jacket while listening to Pink by Aerosmith. Ah… Bliss…


Hmm… I Wonder…

So, I started this new WIP. I found the pattern from Ravelry — of course. I have to remind you again how dangerous Ravelry is. Once you get in their site, you will get lost in thousands of awesome patterns, and you will stay there for the whole day… none of the household chores would be done. Yes… that place.

I found this pattern, and I love it. So I decide to make this for my niece (again). However, this time I do it for Mum’s request — as if I need an excuse to start a new project. Tee hee.


I didn’t have red wool in my stash, but I did have a bright fuschia baby yarn there. As I have this awesome plan to destash, I decide to use this yarn instead. Mum agreed that it is acceptable for CNY celebration, so I go ahead with the plan.

Right, it is Robin Bonny Babe. But somehow it is not the same with the usual Bonny Babe yarn I used. In the label it is said that it is New Soft Blend, and it was much softer than the usual Bonny Babe I used. And, no, I am not paid to say this.

The pattern is made from top to bottom. I have done it before for my first ever baby cardigan, but somehow I still found it difficult to follow pattern. I think it depends on how the pattern was written, but I also believe that I am still a novice in reading patterns although I have been knitting for 10 something years.


Anyway… Since I have made jackets and cardigans for my niece, it got me thinking… Does she need that many warm clothing? I mean, Indonesia is a tropical country, and it is warm almost all the time. But mum said that babies can’t produce heat like adults from their body, so they need warm clothes to keep their body temperature.

I don’t have babies, so I don’t know anything about how their bodies work. But my mum has four kids, so I take her words for it. But is it true, though? I mean, I don’t mind knitting more for my niece. I just wonder…

x ❤ x

Do You Block Hats?

It might sound like a stupid question, but do you block your knitted hats?

The hats I’ve been making finished really quickly. I quite enjoyed doing the fair isle Panda for the hat, I think they are quite cute. I know I still need to practice more to make sure that the hat wouldn’t skew too much.


Usually blocking helps with the shape, but I never knew how to block hats.

Because of its shape it doesn’t do flat properly, so I don’t know if it is even blockable. Do I need a dummy head to do this? Or people generally don’t block hats?

Anyway… I have to finished hats today, and they are for couples. I was thinking it might be cuter with pompom, but I am not sure if everybody likes pompom. So, I leave it at that.


Next one?

Well, Mum asked me if I could make something for my niece for her first Chinese New Year — since I will go back to Indonesia for Chinese New Year. She likes it to be red, or any shades of red or pink. I told mum, I will look at patterns and good soft yarn for babies.

Next WIP sorted 😀

x ❤ x

New Project: Newborn Jacket

For my soon to be niece. Of course.

Since I am coming back to Indonesia soon, and visit my family, I thought it would be nice to make something for my sister. Saw her photo and the pregnancy is so big, it is actually freak me out a bit. She’s my little sister FGS.


Anyway, I found this pattern called Bluebell Cardigan from ravelry, and as it happens, I do still have some baby yarn enough for this project. It seems simple enough, and I could finish it before we leave for Indonesia.

The piece is knitted as one piece, and top down using circular needle. Mostly it is just stockinette and rib stitch — which I like, because it mean I could do it while watching NCIS.


Since it is for newborn, it grew really quick. Once I’ve finished increasing for the yoke, the rest is easy peasy. Let’s see how it goes…

x ❤ x

New Skill Learned: Grafting

This is not my first time knitting socks, but this is the first time I do the grafting properly. Usually, i just sew them together, and… now that I know how to graft, I felt embarrassed that I didn’t do it properly. It is not that difficult really, I don’t know why I haven’t learned this much earlier.

Grafting, or Kitchener stitch is… in my noob-eye opinion– how you join pieces seamlessly. Almost like Mattress Stitch, but the main difference is that Kitchener stitch is done in an open, working stitch.


So, when I have done the toe decreasing, the tip of the toe will be open like that, and this is where we do the grafting. I found the tutorial from Knitty as the one that is easiest to follow. One from DROP design is not at all helpful.

So basically there are 4 main steps:

  1. pick the first stitch from the front needle knitwise
  2. sew the second stitch from the front needle purlwise
  3. pick the first stitch from the back needle purlwise
  4. sew the second stitch from the back needle knit wise

now that you have picked the first stitches from both needles, your second stitches has become the first stitches. You do the four steps until all of them are picked and sewn. The yarn would be loose to start with, but I tug them gently to make sure I didn’t screw the tension.


And… Tadaa!

I mean no trick here, only concentration — which I didn’t have as I was doing this while watching football match. I think I missed one or two stitches.


Ah never mind no. One down sock down — much faster that I thought it would be– I will have the chance to do better grafting on the other one.

x ❤ x

About Time….

To start a new project.

Having done stuff for my sisters, it is time to start making things for myself again. Yes, true I have a brother too, and I will make something for him soon. Graduation gift or something like that? Hm…

Anyway. I am making a pair of socks for me again.


And this time I am doing a Rowan’s pattern, and do it in pink — one of my favourite colours. Just to be clear, I like pink not because I am a girl. Pink has grown in me after I went to university.

I used to hate pink because I was made to wear it all the time when I was much younger. I used to associate pink with… you know discrimination, misogyny, etc. But to be honest with you, one day I just realised that pink is just a shade of colour. And it is pretty too. I can’t discriminate pink just because the way it was used to oppress me when I was young.

Anyway… New project! Yay!

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy… That Little Piggy…


parts to be assembled…

Crocheting parts took a lot of patience. And I am not known for my patience. But after some times parts were made and ready to be assembled.


i can’t help thinking of a pig with a head wound

Assembling piggy parts was no less fiddly either. Even, sometimes it could look a little bit creepy. It was as if I was building a Frankenstein piggy. That doesn’t sound pretty, does it?


this little piggy was asleep


this little piggy was in a murder scene…


this little piggy was amused


and this little piggy was not…

But tell you what? Crocheting them was obviously worthwile. I have four more cute little piggies in the house. The more the merrier… I suppose?

Well, I have planned on giving them away to some family and friends later when I go back to Indonesia. But for now, they can sit back and enjoy their time together with their predecessor.

these little piggies were having fun…