Sew… Sew… Snip…

My goodness… this is an incredibly slow and boring project. I am pretty sure that there must be a more efficient way to to this. There must be a crocheting prodigy somewhere in this universe discovering a mindbogglingly simple technique that would save crocheters all around the world from having to do this…


This is torture… 

Or maybe I just haven’t researched enough?

Lol. I don’t know. I just found this cleaning and securing the loose yarn like this is one hell of a boring job.

Luckily, I have found a new project to do. Remember I told you that my friend is pregnant, and doc told her that the baby is going to be a boy? Yep, Found a great pattern for baby boy, and have a wonderful yarn for it too.


Did a swatch, and had to use larger needles to get an exact gauge with my normal tension. Which is handy because I don’t need to remember the tension, as it just naturally happens like that.

The pattern is Hazel from Rowan. Ribbing is k1p2. And I have to go to bed…

x ❤ x


Pierrot Gosyo Pattern

I have seen their patterns a lot in Ravelry. I really want to do them as they really look cute. But every time I see their patterns, I backed down again. They are confusing for me.

The patterns are usually made of pictures with very little instruction. You will have to decipher what the notation means, and you might have a different interpretation from your other fellows doing the same thing (at least, at that time I thought so). There are so little information — or I just didn’t see it…

k1p1 rib… not to difficult to understand so far…

But the pull is too big, and I thought I might want to give it a try. So, I started with this simple stockinette project. If I have known how the basic pattern works, I suspect I would be able to make it with the more complicated project.

Wish me luck 🙂

x ❤ x


P.S By the way, have any of you work with Japanese knitting patterns? How’s it?

[Arguably] The Greatest (early) Christmas Gift (so far)…

Lol… Sorry… I was pushing it, but I just couldn’t help it. I am so overjoyed with the new development in our family, so I have to share it to everybody. I mean, I promised to update it in my blog anyway, but even if I didn’t I still would update you guys…

Yes, it is about the visa.

I have granted the visa extension, and it feels as if the whole gloomy black cloud has disappeared from our home. I felt much happier, my husband too, and considering how close it is to Christmas I do feel like Christmas is coming a week earlier than it should. I took this as the best Christmas gift the Immigration Office can ever give to me.

I booked an appointment at Croydon, as I used the Premium Service. It was much more expensive than the standard service, but having to be able to get the result in a day is really worth it. We did have a little chat with the officers and they admitted that during or close to Christmas time like this, the standard service could take up to 4 months. My husband’s facial expression says it all…

The last time we did this, it only took around one to one and half hour to get the result. But it was in June, and we took the earliest appointment slot, so the process was understandably faster. This time, the result came after 5 hours of waiting… 5 hours! If I knew it would take that long, I would have brought my knitting, wouldn’t I? Noted for the next time.


Talking about the knitting… it took longer than I thought it would be. After working with baby clothes, it feels like forever just to finish 6 cm of ribbing in an adult size clothing. Am I the only one that doesn’t like making 2k2p ribbing?

The lace bit… meh… I don’t really care about it. It looked much better in the photo I saw on Ravelry, but it doesn’t look interesting at all in mine. I tried to convince myself that it would look better after blocking. Hopefully..


Anyway… There you go. A good week indeed, seems like I could enjoy the rest of this year smiling 😀

x ❤ x