WIP Progress Report

I really enjoy doing this pattern. I have to say that although some of the pattern is a little bit fiddly, it does give enough challenge without making me feel inadequate 😀 I think the pattern is very pretty too, and I couldn’t wait finishing it so that I can wear it.

One thing that is being my concern right now… I don’t think I would have enough yarn for it. I am pretty sure I did have the amount of yarn mentioned in the pattern, but I have gone through almost half of the yarn and haven’t even finished my first piece.

Worrying… but not enough to stop me making it. I could definitely get more yarn if needed, but I would rather not.

Oh well… Wish us luck 😀

x ❤ x



New WIP!

I am so happy just to write that title.



I just came back from Wales, visiting in laws, and didn’t have either time or proper internet connection to tell you how happy I was that I can now move on to a new project.

This project now will be “Cancun Boxy Lace Top“. The pattern has been in my to do list for a long long time, and looking at some other blogger making them made me so envious. It looked really pretty and it is definitely suitable for the weather.

Didn’t you feel a little bit warm lately in the UK? Spring is definitely coming…

x ❤ x

Finishing up…

I used to be that knitter who thinks that once sewing up the pieces, and stitching in extra yarn is done, then it’s completely done. But, as I blogged in here, and I met a lot of more experienced knitters, I realised that it is not the case.

I think that in many many ways, this blog has helped me stepping out from my comfort zone, and learning new things. And at the same time, of course, meeting or having the chance to know wonderful knitters, crocheters, and stitchers from all around the world. How awesome is that?

So, yes… I learned that finishing a piece is not done until you block them (especially when the pattern said it needs to be done). AND, blocking is now not as daunting as it was before.

Anyway… I am blocking this piece now. It is no longer a WIP, but officially I announce that I have a new FO. This is definitely bigger than my size, and I really hope it will fit my sister, and that she likes it. If she doesn’t… well… I have another sister, a mum, and a grandmother who might want this 😀


x ❤ x

Bind off… Sewing… Finally…

Oh My Goodness…

Finally the last piece of the cardigan is done. Last binding off, and then I can move on to sewing this thing together.


I learned something new too 🙂 Three needles bind off! Yes, believe it or not, I have never tried to do this kind of thing before. I watched the tutorial on youtube and it was dead easy. I don’t know why I always tried to avoid this thing before… maybe because of the leaving the pieces on stitch holders.

It is very easy, and the end result is very neat too. It doesn’t look or feel bulky once it’s done, but I still think that mattress stitch is my favourite for finishing up. It does look seamless and neat, although the downside is… it took longer time, and it needs more focus when doing it.

Anyway… Almost done! Hopefully next week I will have moved on to the new WIP.

x ❤ x

Relationship Goal

It was my wedding anniversary! Again! Just like last year…

It wasn’t how I imagined, or wanted it to be though. The food didn’t come out right. I was not feeling well… And, hubby was incredibly grumpy because of work related issues.

Not that I wanted a lavish celebration or something like that. We are not used to celebrating things anyway. But I was thinking of making something for us yesterday. DIdn’t happen. Oh well…

But at least one thing came out okay:


Mickey and Minnie gingerbread biscuit…

PS. Do you know that Mickey and Minnie have been together since 1930’s? Well that’s your new relationship goal, isn’t it?

x ❤ x

Pancake Day!

Alright. I have been in the UK for over 2 years now, but yesterday was my first ever pancake day.

I always missed it in the past, but yesterday… I did it!

Pancake in the UK is different from American pancake. This pancake is thin, and the batter is quite runny, like crepes. It is very easy to make, with very simple ingredients… yet incredibly tasty.

Especially when you eat it the traditional way (my husband taught me how to do it “properly”): squeeze the lemon, and sprinkle some sugar on it. YUM!


However yesterday evening my husband had his overtime, so he went home a little bit later than usual. That’s why I had time to make even more pancakes… so I made mille crepe.

I made one few years ago before we had this current oven hob. In fact, it was my first ever cake made for my husband’s birthday (I didn’t know how to bake back then). But the cake was too rich for him at that time, so I made less layer, and used different filling for it too…


Ah anyway…

I still have some of them left… Guess what I am having for lunch?

x ❤ x