This Little Piggy Has Got An Eyeful

Just few days before my departure to Indonesia, a package arrived through my front door. Obviously, since my husband has got no online shopping addiction, it was a package for me. It was they dolls eyes I ordered some times ago. Just the right time to complete the gifts for little ones in Indonesia.

I still don’t like kids, but who appreciates cute dolls more than kids? Apparently adults like them as well as kids. How surprising. I went to Indonesia with 8 dolls, I came back to Norwich with none. Nobody paid me nothing 😦


Big and little piggy went to one of my nieces and her (other) aunt…



the bride got this posh bear


my youngest sister got the polar bear, while the mousy looking bear went to one of my cousins who was only 3yo

Oh look at them. Their eyes obviously has changed their appearance a lot. I have made some special bears I tried to design myself, and quite proud of how it finished. Happy that they’ve got their new homes now. I suppose I could go on and start a new little amigurumi family.

This Little Piggy Has Something On The Side

I am not known for being patient. So when I am doing big projects I like to have some small projects on the side. Something to give a sense of achievement, I should say. 

My WIP, for example is going very slowly and I just could not wait to see some FO (finished object).

So there goes the Amigurumis…

Notice anything wrong with them?

Yea, some of them don’t have eyes. I have ordered some from eBay and hopefully will be here soon. I think they would be a nice gift for Christmas. Don’t you think?

This Little Piggy Is Feeling Sluggish…

ba dum tss…

  Actually it’s a snail. But I was trying to make a theme there. 
While waiting for the day hubby will take me to hobby craft to get me a skein of wool to finish my elephant, I decided to stop sulking and doing other thing instead. 

Found the pattern at ravelry, and it’s refreshingly different from most patterns I have seen before. No bloody magic ring!! 

The pattern has two alternatives: short rows or double treble, i chose the easier one. Although I love the end result, i think double treble doesn’t hold the shape as tight as short dc rows. 

Now though… I want to decorate the shell and put face on my snail:) 

This Little Piggy Is Having A Big Dilemma

Not so long time ago, my knit and crochet group on facebook posted a link to a free elephant amigurumi pattern. They called it Olivier. 

It looked cute, and I decided that if some of the members there could make one, I should do too…

trunk looked promising…

I have to say that compared to pattern, this one is more difficult to follow. I am not crazy about the over simplified method. And although they never asked for magic ring, I did magic ring anyway. Because I can.

Other than magic ring and eyes, I don’t do any other changes to original pattern.

it’s always nice when your amigurumi starts to take shape

I was a bit anxious when I finished the body part. Thing is, I was using leftover yarn, and I wasn’t sure it would be enough to finish four legs, two ears and a tail.

And I was right. Once I crocheted all legs there’s no yarn left. I do have other type of yarn but you know what I was talking about…


in the end of the day, I ended up with an eyeless, earless, and tailless elephant…

So I am now in a big dilemma. I kind of like this elephant now, and I definitely like this paton fab yarn. My options are: redo the elephant with new yarn or run to the closest hobby craft to get a ball of that particularly pretty yarn. 

I am broke and I am unemployed. But I like crochet. I think by that definition: I am doomed.


This Little Piggy… That Little Piggy…


parts to be assembled…

Crocheting parts took a lot of patience. And I am not known for my patience. But after some times parts were made and ready to be assembled.


i can’t help thinking of a pig with a head wound

Assembling piggy parts was no less fiddly either. Even, sometimes it could look a little bit creepy. It was as if I was building a Frankenstein piggy. That doesn’t sound pretty, does it?


this little piggy was asleep


this little piggy was in a murder scene…


this little piggy was amused


and this little piggy was not…

But tell you what? Crocheting them was obviously worthwile. I have four more cute little piggies in the house. The more the merrier… I suppose?

Well, I have planned on giving them away to some family and friends later when I go back to Indonesia. But for now, they can sit back and enjoy their time together with their predecessor.

these little piggies were having fun…


This Little Piggy Is Calling Its Army

So I’ve decided to make some friends for my piggy and mouse/bear. I have plenty of recycled pink yarn, and it would be just perfect to make more piggies.


i wonder if all amigurumi should start with a magic ring. because I don’t like making magic ring…

I think it is a good way to practice amigurumi making. I have to admit that amigurumi is not quite the same with the usual crochet projects I have done in the past. It needs more attention in details, meticulous work, and patience. Considering that I don’t like sewing, I quite enjoy making dolls.


i learned that having a rough paper to help me remember how many rows i have done is a bloody brilliant idea.

Making head and body part is my favourite, because it’s probably the easiest part of amigurumi. When it’s time to make hands or feet, I will grunt in despair as they are sometimes too small for my finger to grip properly. 


the fun part is over 😦 now i have to do the small parts 😦

Finished the bodies of the piggies, will come back to show you when they’re assembled. 

X ❤ x

This Little Piggy Is An Amigurumi Noob

I haven’t crochet Amigurumi for a while, so I decided to make this oh so popular bear toy from, a lovely amigurumi blog owned by a very creative lady called Sharon. 


this is what i do — sittting in front of my laptop while counting stiches


the fun part is done, now the harder bits to go

To be honest with you, making the head and body part is the best part of making amigurumi. I am not too keen on making the little details, and sewing it together. I don’t think I have much patience 😦 

it was done… but…

When it was done I was relieved but… Bloody hell, my bear looked like a mouse!! Oh well… 

This is what I expected my parents to say to me many years ago, and now I say it to my bear/mouse: “dear, I don’t care whether you want to be a mouse or a bear, you still have our support completely…” *soppy music in the background fading out*

X ❤ x