Did I Say FO?

I did, did I?

I genuinely think that once the main bit is done, I could claim FO. But that’s never the case with granny squares, or in this particular one, granny triangles. Crocheting and joining the motifs is just HALF the work — the easy half.


I always forget about this bit…

Yes. Tidying up and at the same time, securing them to make sure that it won’t just unravel itself when being worn, or washed. I… hate this stage of this project.

It is going to be a boring work, I better scour Ravelry to get a new project to do on the side… Pff….

x ❤ x



It’s a what?

I didn’t realise that I have missed this blog’s second year anniversary! I just found out that my first post was on the 7 July five minutes ago, and thought… Oh bugger…. I should have done something to congratulate myself. It’s something worth celebrating! Maybe one or two skeins of nice fluffy wool…


One of the very first amigurumi I made

But I have to restrain myself now, really. Although it was totally and utterly worth every single poundsterling, the last holiday almost cleared me out completely. I need to go back to Indonesia to sort this out, and luckily I have already got the ticket and a departure date.

What do you do to celebrate your blog anniversary, though? Some people don’t take their blog as personally as I do, but I know that for some people their blog is very important. It is kind of a lifeline, the only thing that connects them to the world outside their own. Like me…


How about a walk in the fine city of Norwich?

I’ve been living in Norwich for years now, but staying at home and being a little bit more than slightly introvert makes me no friends. I do have friends I made when I was studying in UEA, but they’re not in Norwich anymore, and it is not the same… really. I have my wonderful sister in law, but of course not only that she works, she also has her own life and social circle to go to, so an occasional visit is probably a stretch for her too.

Oh, anyway… anniversary is not the time for whinging. I might find something nice to do at the end of the day to spoil myself cheaply. Maybe a new pattern from ravelry… considering my current WIP is in the finishing step. Who knows?

x ❤ x

WIP Progress Report

I really enjoy doing this pattern. I have to say that although some of the pattern is a little bit fiddly, it does give enough challenge without making me feel inadequate 😀 I think the pattern is very pretty too, and I couldn’t wait finishing it so that I can wear it.

One thing that is being my concern right now… I don’t think I would have enough yarn for it. I am pretty sure I did have the amount of yarn mentioned in the pattern, but I have gone through almost half of the yarn and haven’t even finished my first piece.

Worrying… but not enough to stop me making it. I could definitely get more yarn if needed, but I would rather not.

Oh well… Wish us luck 😀

x ❤ x


New WIP!

I am so happy just to write that title.



I just came back from Wales, visiting in laws, and didn’t have either time or proper internet connection to tell you how happy I was that I can now move on to a new project.

This project now will be “Cancun Boxy Lace Top“. The pattern has been in my to do list for a long long time, and looking at some other blogger making them made me so envious. It looked really pretty and it is definitely suitable for the weather.

Didn’t you feel a little bit warm lately in the UK? Spring is definitely coming…

x ❤ x

Finishing up…

I used to be that knitter who thinks that once sewing up the pieces, and stitching in extra yarn is done, then it’s completely done. But, as I blogged in here, and I met a lot of more experienced knitters, I realised that it is not the case.

I think that in many many ways, this blog has helped me stepping out from my comfort zone, and learning new things. And at the same time, of course, meeting or having the chance to know wonderful knitters, crocheters, and stitchers from all around the world. How awesome is that?

So, yes… I learned that finishing a piece is not done until you block them (especially when the pattern said it needs to be done). AND, blocking is now not as daunting as it was before.

Anyway… I am blocking this piece now. It is no longer a WIP, but officially I announce that I have a new FO. This is definitely bigger than my size, and I really hope it will fit my sister, and that she likes it. If she doesn’t… well… I have another sister, a mum, and a grandmother who might want this 😀


x ❤ x

We Have An Allotment Plot!!

Long before the idea of moving to Wales was even in the picture, I once asked my husband about the possibility of us getting an allotment plot. His answer wasn’t very encouraging. He thought that since there were many people wanted to get themselves an allotment plot, it would take years before we were even considered for the plot.

However, last year, just after my visa was approved in December, I thought I would have years in this country anyway. So, why not just give it a try?


To my surprise, an e-mail came to me last month when I was in Indonesia. Only few weeks after I applied for the plot, I was told that there was a space available for me. If I was surprise, my husband reaction was even more shocked. He never thought that the city council could do it this fast for us.

My husband offered to get the ball rolling when I was in Indonesia. He was more excited than I did.

Our plot was horribly abandoned by the previous renter. Overgrown, and full of rubbish, we only have several weeks until the council send someone to inspect the progress. Last weekend, we had the chance to see, and do something about it.

img_28681 img_2864

Are we going to get something growing this summer? Let’s hope so 😀

x ❤ x

That One Thing About Stockinette Stitch…

This new WIP is basically a very simple cardigan with stockinette (or stocking) stitch. I like stockinette stitch, because it is something that I could do while watching telly. You don’t need to keep looking at your work, as you do not need to keep counting stitches to keep a lace or cable pattern.


But that’s also the problem with stockinette stitch. As it could be quite mindless, it could get a bit boring before the shaping (neck or sleeves) needs to be done. And, I have to say, that I am on that bit of the project now…

Oh well…

But… looking at the positive side. The wool is very very soft. And since it is a 4ply instead of a DK –that I usually use, it is also much lighter and I think it would be mor suitable for my sister in Indonesia where it is much warmer than here in the UK.


I bought the wool when they were on sale on my local Hobbycraft. They were £10 for 10 balls — which I think is a huge bargain, especially for this brand and quality. But it was about two years ago, I wonder if they would do it again this year?

So much for new year wish?