Crochet, Coffee, and Choo Choo Train…

Time off… 

I am off for a trip to Edinburgh, so had to leave my knitting WIP at home. The project is to big to be carried around. 


Tadaa! Crochet project is easier to handle while travelling. I have to carry scissors everywhere though. I’ll think about that particular problem a bit later.

As my husband says… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Did i misquote? 

Summer Intermezzo

It is still summer, but I think the heatwave is almost gone. The weather is getting milder, and the temperature dropped a little. It is getting more and more comfortable to work outside in the garden, and have a little walkabout in the city. So, my sister in law (my husband’s sister) asked me if I wanted to go to Wroxham to have a walk.

I went to Wroxham before with my husband, and it was actually a nice place to spend a day — especially during summertime. So, I agreed and she picked me up. Our plan was: we’re going to go to have a cuppa and have a nice natter.

We did pick a little cafe there, I don’t need to tell you the name of the cafe because I didn’t have a nice service there. I ordered a cake — it said vanilla cake with white chocolate something. I misread it and told the lady on the till that I want the white chocolate cake.


After I paid, the lady on the till asked the other girl to get me the “white chocolate cake” while laughing. The other girl on the counter asked, “what white chocolate cake?” and laughed with the lady on the till.

I mean.. come on. There’s only one cake with white chocolate in there. Okay, I misread, but they didn’t have to act like that in front of a paying customer. And by the way, the cake didn’t taste that nice. It was too sweet for me and I didn’t even finish it.


Anyway, the walk near the river was much much better. It was a beautiful place and I wouldn’t let the stupid cake and shopkeepers ruin my day.

x ❤ x

Lunch in Bed…

Ah now you wish, don’t you. Lunch in bed after breakfast in bed, and snuggling up in warm duvet while the cloudy grey day promises showers. But nope, the day was great, and sunny. And warm with soft breeze cooling it down when the sun gets too fierce.

And it wasn’t really lunch in bed. It was lunch in Bed…ford.


Yes we are in Bedford. When I said “we” what i meant was my husband and I. My husband’s company had a project fixing windows in a church in Bedford. He asked me if I would like to go with him there – not to fix windows of course.

And I would like to. So I went.

Bedford was beautiful. I don’t think it is bigger than Norwich by size, but it is bustling. The shopping area is not as pleasant as our Gentleman’s walk, and their Arcade is not a Royal Arcade like ours.

But damn that river.

I’d love to live in a city which has a river and a garden like that. I mean yes we do have both parks and rivers in the city, but not both at the same time– not in the middle of the city.

But that’s not what I like about Bedford the most. It is this photo:

Seems like they know their priority.

x ❤ x

Let’s Have A Walk In The City

I’ve been going out a lot lately. Blame it on the sunny spells, and warm temperature outside. It was great to get a lot of fresh air while walking around the city. But, you know what I love the most about walking around Norwich is?

The city itself.


Norwich is not a metropolitan city, but it is a city indeed — and a well balanced one. It is busy and bustling in the centre — the open market, the forum, the malls. It is green and relaxing too — the riverside walk, county forest, the park. It is academic — two big universities — UEA and NUA. And it is historical too — the castle, stranger’s hall, the two cathedrals.

One corner you are a part of the busy shopping centre, and next time you know it, you are in Elm Hill’s cobblestone’s little alley enjoying a quiet walk. Or, one minute you and your friends were having a nice cuppa in a hip café in St. Benedicts, and on your way home you found this little hidden gem of the city.


People say that Norwich is small. But as my husband put it, it is a wonderland. You don’t realise it, but once you’re there, you don’t think you want to leave. You don’t know if you can find anywhere as fine, as Norwich — the fine city 😀

Sounds like a review of some sort isn’t it? It is not. I was out and suddenly reminded of why and how I ended up here after studying in UEA 4 years ago. 4 years! Time does fly, doesn’t it?

x ❤ x

Just When You See The Spring is Back…

I mean, I have always been warned that in England especially you cannot always expect that Spring would be like… Spring. It wouldn’t always be sun and light breeze with occasional shower that water your garden gently. No. It is not like that here. It is summery hot in one day and then the temperature would bungee jump to one digit.

My mama says that the weather in England is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re gonna get. Unless you read the back of the box which tells you what it is — or in this case you listen to the weatherman or weatherwoman on telly.


Look how patchy it is?

Anyway the Spring is back for a moment after a few days of gloomy days — when it rains a lot so I didn’t check my garden to water it. So when the sun was out, I checked my lettuce, tomatoes, pak choy and… What the hell?!!? SOME of my young plants are gone.



It is not so difficult to know who the culprit was as that little bastard left a fresh trail of evidence. SNAILS! Apparently when it was dark and rainy, they made a salad party in my backyard! If they’re not too small or too few, I might just catch them, clean them up and cook them — maybe they would taste like my tomato — that that ate. Grr…


Norwich in Pink


But oh well. You cannot be grumpy for too long when it was sunny, could you? I mean really…. I took a walk and everything was pretty and colourful. You cannot really radiate any negativity from yourself, can you? It seems like everything looks extremely beautiful you just want to be a part of it.

Don’t you?

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy’s Chinese New Year

It is a bit late to talk about it, I know. But I was busy, so I did not have time to talk about my Chinese New Year when I visited Indonesia three weeks ago. Yes… I came back to Indonesia just for this. So, it is only proper if I talk about it.

Chinese New Year is never be the same again now that I am married. Yes, I am talking about the annual income called the hongbao or red envelope. In Chinese New Year’s day parents or the elders would distribute red envelope with money inside of it. Every year since I was a child I always receive tons of them from my parents, and relatives — and save the money in the bank. I love the red envelopes.

However it has to stop.

When someone is married, they are now considered as adults. See, when a person is not married in our culture, they are still considered as their parents’s children. However when they are married they are no longer attached to their parents and become adults. Some of them see this as the turning point from the hongbao receiver to the hongbao giver.

Me? No, I did not give money to kids. Not now. And probably not ever. My excuse for being a complete dick is that my husband don’t celebrate CNY :p Not a real reason, actually… I would love him to celebrate CNY just for this:


My only CNY happiness now rely solely on our CNY eve’s dinner.

Every year, my grandmother always make an open house dinner party. She would cook lots of really tasty Chinese food. Some are even traditional to our family heritage such as: Mei Cai Kou Rou — a very labour intensive steamed braised pork belly.


Of course, I love other food as well. I had to restrain myself from overeating. It took a really strong willpower not to fight with my siblings over a slice of goodness my grandmother made? Talking about my grandmother, I think it is time for her to hand me down the recipes of these food.

img_0035   img_0028   img_0039

Maybe one day?

x ❤ x

This Little Piggy Is Flying

So I travelled back to my home country in Indonesia. I know some of you might have heard about the bombing and the gun attacks in our capital city in Jakarta, but I have witnessed it myself that Jakarta is now safe.

Police officers and also our community are now very vigilant. But we don’t want to show fear, because that’s what the terrorists would want from us. Fear. And that’s exactly what we are not giving them.

We are safe.

But I am now in my hometown, and will stay a bit longer until just after Chinese New Year. I have missed the celebration several times now and I am not planning on missing some more.

Are you celebrating it?