That is not the word you want to hear coming from your own mouth (especially) when you were in the middle of the WIP… It usually means that you either have to frog everything and start over, or you have to think how to wing it…

Now, before I admit what the potential disaster is, I would like to explain what’s going on about this crochet WIP.


In the pattern, the individual triangles should have 9.5 cm length in every side, and 8 cm tall from the tip to the base. I know how important it is to make a swatch, especially when the pattern relies on the number of triangles you made — instead of the length of the piece as you knit it. So, I did measure the triangle, twice, and I even adjusted the size of the hook to achieve the correct size.

You know you’re going to hear a but, don’t you? Yes… BUT, I think the pattern did not take the shrinkage of the length caused by the joining of the triangles as you go.

You see? When you were joining the triangles as you go, by making a slip stitch into the chain space of the main piece, you inadvertently pinched a very small bit of the edge. I don’t know if this happens to other crocheter, but when I do this, it will take some milimetre worth of the edge… times twenty triangles.


That’s the problem. In the end, after they’re joined in the round, I realised that the shrinkage on each triangle is then accumulated into a good inch and a half in circumference. I tried it on and it is still loose in my waist and chest so it might fit. I also count on the size after blocking, but I shouldn’t be too confidence that it will be anywhere closer to the size suggested in the pattern.

Yeah… a big whoopsie there 😦 But I think I am going to go through with the WIP, and see…

x ❤ x

WIPs Progress(es?)

It makes me wonder… if there are more than one WIP, would the progress should be in plural form too? To be honest English confuses me a lot, especially when it is learned properly (instead of the basic one used for daily conversation). But oh well… Let’s not let it distract me from sharing the progress I have made so far…


The first one is the crochet project I made during my trip to Edinburgh. You’d be surprised how much one can make during the train trip. The first few pieces that’s been connected looked slightly wonky, but the latter ones looked much better. Overall, I am loving this project… I think green is good for summer too, don’t you think?

And, I just realised that the other project was also green! It has gone very quickly too… before I accidentally nicked my finger with the sharp edge on the tin when opening a spam. Damn Spam… But the back and the front is done, and I am halfway on the first sleeve.


HOPEFULLY… I would be able to post more regularly again. It is nice to return to a routine…

x ❤ x

Crochet, Coffee, and Choo Choo Train…

Time off… 

I am off for a trip to Edinburgh, so had to leave my knitting WIP at home. The project is to big to be carried around. 


Tadaa! Crochet project is easier to handle while travelling. I have to carry scissors everywhere though. I’ll think about that particular problem a bit later.

As my husband says… we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Did i misquote? 

This Little Piggy is Participating…

Apparently there is something called Me Made May, to celebrate people to wear something they made for themselves in May — and share it on blogs for everybody to see.

I didn’t know things like this, and how do people know things like this? Is there an official knitting community out there making cool events every now and then that I don’t know about?

Maybe I am a bit late to participate now, but I will participate anyway. Me Made May 2017, this little piggy is participating…

x ❤ x

Yarn. Really?

I wonder how many of you know about this thing called Daily Prompt… Apparently it has been there for awhile, but I just heard about it few days ago. I am still not very sure what it is about, but I think it is something rather fun to participate in.

Basically this Daily Post blog, would make a prompt word for the day, and we respond to the word by writing a post about it… or whatever we do to interpret that word. I have been eyeing the list of words, but I wasn’t sure about what to write about those… until today.

The word is apparently… Yarn! I mean… Really? I thought this is definitely a sign that I will have to start participating in this thing… How can I not respond?

That’s is practically my favourite word after “FOOD”. However, after five minutes staring at my monitor without producing any post, I realised that liking something and writing about that particular thing is not necessarily go hand in hand. How do I interpret yarn anyway?

I like yarn shopping. I have a yarn in my lap right now. In fact, I have a huge stash of yarn which I am sure will outlive me if I don’t start controlling my yarn shopping habit. I can make stuff out of yarn, and make some pretty awesome stuff too… and I can write about the things I made from those yarns.

But, writing about yarn… or interpreting yarn…

All I know is that if you pull it the wrong way, thing could be a little bit messy with yarn. I am a knitter… not a philosopher…

x ❤ x

Happy New Year 2017

Hello you, and you, and you 🙂

Yes, you can see how cheerful I am today. Not only because this is the first day of 2017, but also that I have these:

That’s my new year sorted.

I know… I really wish next year I could be more classy than beer and twiglet kind of person. But, seriously, I couldn’t see what’s wrong with twiglet and beer while watching Tarantino’s film?

Alright, I am going to present you the first WIP of 2017 too.

There you go. It is going to be a cardigan for my little sister. This is my first time ever to work with 4ply wool, and it does feel like it takes forever and ever and ever to get to 5 cm rib — and you know how I feel about rib.

Have a wonderful year, you all… and I will see you soon.

x ❤ x

[Arguably] The Greatest (early) Christmas Gift (so far)…

Lol… Sorry… I was pushing it, but I just couldn’t help it. I am so overjoyed with the new development in our family, so I have to share it to everybody. I mean, I promised to update it in my blog anyway, but even if I didn’t I still would update you guys…

Yes, it is about the visa.

I have granted the visa extension, and it feels as if the whole gloomy black cloud has disappeared from our home. I felt much happier, my husband too, and considering how close it is to Christmas I do feel like Christmas is coming a week earlier than it should. I took this as the best Christmas gift the Immigration Office can ever give to me.

I booked an appointment at Croydon, as I used the Premium Service. It was much more expensive than the standard service, but having to be able to get the result in a day is really worth it. We did have a little chat with the officers and they admitted that during or close to Christmas time like this, the standard service could take up to 4 months. My husband’s facial expression says it all…

The last time we did this, it only took around one to one and half hour to get the result. But it was in June, and we took the earliest appointment slot, so the process was understandably faster. This time, the result came after 5 hours of waiting… 5 hours! If I knew it would take that long, I would have brought my knitting, wouldn’t I? Noted for the next time.


Talking about the knitting… it took longer than I thought it would be. After working with baby clothes, it feels like forever just to finish 6 cm of ribbing in an adult size clothing. Am I the only one that doesn’t like making 2k2p ribbing?

The lace bit… meh… I don’t really care about it. It looked much better in the photo I saw on Ravelry, but it doesn’t look interesting at all in mine. I tried to convince myself that it would look better after blocking. Hopefully..


Anyway… There you go. A good week indeed, seems like I could enjoy the rest of this year smiling 😀

x ❤ x