That is not the word you want to hear coming from your own mouth (especially) when you were in the middle of the WIP… It usually means that you either have to frog everything and start over, or you have to think how to wing it…

Now, before I admit what the potential disaster is, I would like to explain what’s going on about this crochet WIP.


In the pattern, the individual triangles should have 9.5 cm length in every side, and 8 cm tall from the tip to the base. I know how important it is to make a swatch, especially when the pattern relies on the number of triangles you made — instead of the length of the piece as you knit it. So, I did measure the triangle, twice, and I even adjusted the size of the hook to achieve the correct size.

You know you’re going to hear a but, don’t you? Yes… BUT, I think the pattern did not take the shrinkage of the length caused by the joining of the triangles as you go.

You see? When you were joining the triangles as you go, by making a slip stitch into the chain space of the main piece, you inadvertently pinched a very small bit of the edge. I don’t know if this happens to other crocheter, but when I do this, it will take some milimetre worth of the edge… times twenty triangles.


That’s the problem. In the end, after they’re joined in the round, I realised that the shrinkage on each triangle is then accumulated into a good inch and a half in circumference. I tried it on and it is still loose in my waist and chest so it might fit. I also count on the size after blocking, but I shouldn’t be too confidence that it will be anywhere closer to the size suggested in the pattern.

Yeah… a big whoopsie there 😦 But I think I am going to go through with the WIP, and see…

x ❤ x


8 thoughts on “Whoops…

  1. Hi Byq, do you sell this DIY things (aku tidak tahu apa itu namanya) on amazon? because i just discovered that amazon Germany has so called a “handmade” section, and i like to browe there… very creative collection.

    My mother in law has same hobby like you and i never buy Wintersocken, anyway…

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  2. My new attaching stitch is mattress stitch but not sure how that works with crochet. Your project is gorgeous by the way you are very talented. In knitting I don’t tend to follow the directions anymore on how to attach pieces are use a technique that shows up the least and looks the smoothest. I have purchased actual books with knitting patterns in them that give these great hints on how to attach, perhaps a crochet book would have that for you.

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    • Yes, I always do mattress stitch for knitting. This is the first time I tried to follow Japanese pattern, so I wanted to see how it would look like if I follow it exactly like how they instruct it on the pattern. Funny that they never give blocking instruction either.

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  3. tonymarkp says:

    That is very weird! I have no idea what steps you have to take after you join the triangles together but maybe the size will expand a little. For example, if you have to start crocheting in rows or rounds instead of attaching separate motifs. Also, just in case, and if you don’t mind taking it apart, you could rejoin the triangles with a very loose slip stitch (slip stitch very loosely either by adjusting your tension or using a much larger hook).

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    • That is indeed weird… 😮 They’ve got the instruction of how to attach the triangles together, and I am just following it. I will see the end result first. I know by now that circumference-wise, it fits my waist or chest, so there’s no problem in that… but if it is too short I might just add another triangles row before finishing up 🙂 Thank you Tony 🙂

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